Some updates:

– In my effort to refinish the 8″ Ballscope, I have applied the first coat of Rustoleam Primer. I will be ordering the new white, polycarbonate ball to replace the old one. I hope to have the scope done over the next few weeks. I need to replace the red dot finder brackets with something more secure, but don’t know what. Some aluminum would work just fine if I can get something that is angled. I also need to replace the hardware with stainless steel as I think that looks better with the black finish.

– I finally cleaned my eyepieces which really needed it. I am hoping that I can duplicate the views that my observing buddy gets with his eyepieces. I finally have my dream eyepiece set, but I have neglected them when it comes to cleaning. I think it comes from me not cleaning primary mirrors because you seem to do more harm than good.

– I continue to enjoy reading Brashear’s autobiography. He is now one of my heroes.

– The Columbus Astronomical Society is having its monthly meeting this weekend and so far, the forecast is showing favorable conditions so the 12.5″ Ballscope will be joining the trip up to Perkins. I will also be working on my 6″ F/6 mirror. I need to get the mask made as I am close to start figuring. The surface is still rough, but I am not completely done with polishing, so I hope I can get the surface nice and smooth soon. The surfaces of my mirrors tend to be rough. Oh well.

– I continue to be amazed at my little University Optics Orthos. I plan to get a complete set someday. My next eyepieces will be the 7mm and the 25mm.

– I have started a new article on the 12.5″ Ballscope that I plan to submit to Astronomy Technology Today. Hopefully they will find it acceptable when done. Stay Tuned!

~ by jhissong on 2009/03/11.

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