Mirror Cell Finished!

I finished the mirror cell and tested out with the mirror. It is a perfect fit!

The mirror sling bolts can be adjusted up and down to allow for the sling to be centered on the edge of the mirror. They are locked down by tightening the two bolts to compress the mirror sling loop. The sling is a 3/32″ galvanized steel cable that has a vinyl coating. I plan to put some velcro on the bottom of the mirror to keep the cable from slipping. The collimation bolts appear to move smoothly enough. I may take the T-Nuts out and put some epoxy in there to keep the permanently mounted.

The scope is slowly coming together. I plan to cut the sides and the dowels to the appropriate length this weekend to get the right height on the mirror box. I want to keep it the same as when it was in the ballscope so that I don’t have to recut truss tubes.

I hope to have enough time and wood to go ahead and get the rocker box and groundboard done so that I can focus on painting next week and get this out the door for new moon!!

I got a good feeling that this will turn out ok.

~ by jhissong on 2009/05/15.

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