Buckeye On The Sky (BEOTS)

I am heading to the Buckeye On The Sky (BEOTS) star party this weekend. The forecast does not look good, thunderstorms (some severe). But hey, there will be great people and great food present. I have never been to this event (I have planned on it, but something comes up). This time, I am going even if there is rain. My lovely wife bought me a new tent for our anniversary which is supposed to do well in rain. I am hoping that is the case as it should get a good workout!

If we get lucky with some holes in the clouds, I hope to get some observing in. I am approaching this as a weekend camping trip with friends so observing will be a bonus.

~ by jhissong on 2009/06/19.

2 Responses to “Buckeye On The Sky (BEOTS)”

  1. >Your scope looks great. Thanks for your good descriptions and photos. I like the rounded mirror box. I might use some of your ideas on my 12.5", which I'm figuring now. Keep up the good work!

  2. >Thanks David for your comments. Please do use my ideas in your own designs. Let me know how things go with it!!

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