Slow but steady progress…

Last week I ordered a Protostar 3-vane spider with built in dew control and a 2.6″ secondary mirror.  That should show up in the next couple of weeks.  I also ordered the aluminum for the triangles and bars for the 18 point mirror cell.  A good friend of mine will be making those items for me (he can do a much better job than myself).  This week I hope to get the mirror cell started and hopefully finish it by the end of next week.

I am still fighting with myself on how I want to do the secondary ring.  I like the look of the single ring, but having two rings (like most truss dobs) opens up some more possibilities.  Like using a light shroud without having it custom made.  I will probably go with what I know and stick to the single ring design.  The 12″ is just fine and I have no problems with it.  I think I loose some contrast, but not enough to cause major problems.

My goal is to finish most of the scope before winter hits.  I think I will be able to get it done by then.

~ by jhissong on 2009/10/12.

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