16" Mirror Cell Work Started

This afternoon I started work on the mirror cell for the 16″ scope.  It is designed just like the 12.5″ mirror cell with some added holes for air flow.  I am adding a fan to blow onto the back of the mirror cell as well as two that will blow on the surface of the mirror.

Throughout the week, I hope to finish it up.  Fellow ATM Tim Scott is making the triangles and bars for me (thanks Tim!).  I should have the mirror box finished over the next couple weeks.  About that time, the new secondary and spider should be ready from Protostar.

I also ordered some split bolts from Obsession Telescopes and some muffin fans from Startech.com.

~ by jhissong on 2009/10/17.

4 Responses to “16" Mirror Cell Work Started”

  1. >Looks good Jason. Will your fans have speed control? I added that with a little unit I found at a computer parts store to the fans blowing on the back of the mirror. I wish I had also put one on the fan I have blowing across the mirror face.Richard

  2. >I have not thought about speed control. You think that would be a good idea?

  3. >Well, I thought if the fans seemed to be introducing a vibration speed control might allow me to "tune" it out.

  4. >Good idea! I may have to add that.

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