16" Mirror Cell

Here is the new mirror cell.  Thanks to my friend Tim for doing such an awesome job on the triangles and bars.  I used the dimensions specified in The Dobsonian Telescope for the triangles and bars.  Since they were made of aluminum, I used 1/4″ thick stock for the triangles and 3/8″ bar stock for the bars as recommended by the book.

I used a Kevlar strap from McMaster-Carr for the mirror sling.  It resists stretching pretty well.

I placed the mirror on the cell for a test and it fits just right!

This is the back of the mirror cell.  The center hole will be used for one of the fans.  The three large holes will help with ventilation and air flow.

Close up view of the point supports under the mirror with the kevlar straps.  I am also using the split bolts from Obsession Telescopes.

One of the mirror clips.  Simple dowel and eyebolt arrangement.

~ by jhissong on 2009/12/13.

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