8" Rebuild

Been a little while since I last posted as I have been off doing summer type things.  I did start a new project: I am rebuilding my 8″ ball scope to be build the same as my 12″ and 16″ scopes.  My ball scope journey has run its course and it is time to put it to rest.  Some of the reasons I am moving to a dobsonian type mount instead of the ball scope mount is weight, design flexibility, and of course, an excuse to build a telescope!

With this scope, I hope to use as much scrap wood left over from my other projects as I can.  I also have a bunch of extra hardware.  I will reuse the secondary ring and struts from the existing ball scope.  This scope will also be mounted on some type of tripod to being the eyepiece up higher.  I figure the rocker box will be about 18″ off of the ground to give me good eyepiece height.  I think the tripod will be a challenge, but I am up to it!

I plan to use the same 3 struts from the ball scope like you see here.  The mirror box is the same configuration as my other two scopes.  I am using glue and finishing nails to put the pieces together and they seem to be strong enough for a little scope. 

Like the 16″ scope, I am using some wood glue and brass inserts to attach the bearings.  I plan to retrofit my 12″ the same way.  All wood will be baltic birch plywood and dowels.

The bearings are 12″ in diameter and 3/4″ thick.  The bottom of the mirror box is 3/4″ thick
and everything else is 1/2″ thick.  The two dowels are 1″ baltic birch dowels. More to come!

~ by jhissong on 2010/09/19.

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