Two Ring Upper Tube Assemblies

I am at it again.  I am thinking of changes to my telescopes.  This time, I want to build a two ring UTA for  Ada and Electa.  I will be building one anyway for the club 16″ scope so this will give me some practice.  Why build a two ring UTA?  Well, for these reasons:

  1. It opens up design flexibility.  This includes the ability to add a filter slide, Moonlight Focuser, and Telrad.
  2. It will darken the area around the focuser more than in the single ring design.
  3. I have long suspected (along with Bill Burton) that the single ring does not give you a sort of flywheel effect to get the tube moving when at a stand-still.  I have overcome this by using both hands to get me smooth moving action.
  4. I can finally use traditional light shrouds without any customization to them to have an opening for the focuser (and other accessories).
  5. A solid platform for the focuser to attach to.  Currently, the focuser attachement has a tendency to bend somewhat.
  6. It will be fun to do!

I have complained about contrasts issues in the past with both telescopes.  This could be due to the design (even though I thought I baffled it well enough) or it could be the mirror itself.  I can test this by using the club’s 16″ mirror (which is pretty much the same mirror except mine was polished and figured by Meade and the club’s mirror was figured professionally).

So stay tuned in the coming months on my progress on this.

~ by jhissong on 2011/05/02.

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