Just joined the Astronomical League

One of the things I enjoy with my amateur radio hobby is pursing awards for certain accomplishments. The award criteria can include working 100 different countries, all 50 states, or all continents. And they can subdivided further based on mode, power level, or band. It is a fun pursuit that helps you improve as a radio operator. I have long known of a similar activity with amateur astronomy but for some reason never really looked into it until recently.

The Astronomical League provides a program similar to the awards program in amateur radio. I went to their website and found many different “observing clubs” ranging from observing star clusters to lunar features and everything in between. There is a Messier Club, Edge On Galaxy Club, Binocular Observing Club, Caldwell Club, the list goes on. There are some that are geared towards those who are just beginning to observers who are very advanced. Some awards focus on outreach opportunities. With a total of over 30 different observing clubs, there is bound to be something interesting to almost any observer. Upon completion, you get a certificate and a nice pin.

I know to some form their own observing lists and enjoy following them. But for someone like me, I need something structured and something shiny at the end of the endevour to keep me going.  I went ahead and signed up as a “member-at-large” with the Astronomical League. I hope to write about my experiences in the coming years as I earn some of these pins.

~ by jhissong on 2011/07/26.

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