Using a Light Shroud with 6 Struts

In my efforts to increase contrast, I wanted to add a light shroud to my 16″ scope.  The challenge is I am using 6 struts.  This causes a problem with the shroud sagging into the light path.  With 8 struts, this is less of a problem.  I think I came up with a cheap and simple solution.  I picked up 6 eye lag screws and placed them on the bottom of the secondary cage that would be above the truss seats on the mirror box and the top of the mirror box that is located beneath the truss seats on the secondary cage.  I then purchased some elastic bungee material from a fabric store and tied them to a couple of “S” hooks.  The bungee cord wraps around the two threaded knobs that secure the truss into place and stretch the bungee down to the eye lag screw beneath it.  Works great!

~ by jhissong on 2011/08/05.

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