Criterion Dynascope RV6


Criterion RV-6 Dynascope

Back in September, I picked up a Criterion RV-6 Dynascope that someone brought to the CAS Astronomy Fair to sell.  I payed $250.00 for it.  It was in great condition!  I have been wanting to pick up an old scope like this.  Bill Burton recommended a Dynascope as a good first classic telescope.

I have since used it several times.  The clock drive works wonderfully, the optics are great, and I have been using it regularly.  It came with the original 3 Ramsden Achromatic eyepieces.

This has been a great find!!


~ by jhissong on 2011/12/03.

4 Responses to “Criterion Dynascope RV6”

  1. So cool. This was one of my very first telescopes when I was a kid. Great scope too. I wish I still had it, seems to have been “misplaced” in a move. Nice site you have here.

  2. Thanks for your comments!

  3. The RV-6 is a great telescope. I have a complete one I restored, and it works great. In the process of gathering parts to restore it, I got an extra RV-6 OTA. Is anyone interested in buying it?

  4. At the age of twelve, for Christmas my dad gave me a Criterion
    Dynascope RV-6. I’d been interested in Astronomy for a few years and had a smaller department store telescope that frankly wasn’t very good. I asked for a nicer scope but knew it was a lot of money at $194.95. I was sure excited though when it arrived! The quality was apparent in every detail. They just didn’t know any other way to do things back then. A fine scope from a great company.

    Seeing The Great Nebula in Orion, Saturn’s rings and the bands of Jupiter were absolutely thrilling to a twelve year- old

    I still have it and it works well. The tube is a little rough and I placed some wheels on the legs in the 70’s. I’m sure glad I kept it all these years and I couldn’t agree more that it is an absolute classic!

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