My Ultima 2000

Thanks to my astrobuddy Andy Miller, I now have an Ultima 2000 (U2K) back in the telescope arsenal.  I used to use a U2K  back when I did astroimaging and sold it back in 2006.  I do miss this telescope though because it is a great scope with awesome optics.  One of the nice things I enjoy about the U2K is that you can move the telescope manually once it has been aligned with the sky and not loose its alignment.  Most goto scopes today cannot be moved manually which I don’t like.  With the U2K, it can function as a goto scope or a “push-to” scope.  This is a wonderful combination.

Andy warned me that there may be some issues with the scope, so I got it out for first light to see what is going on.  I noticed right away that it seemed to have been tracking very fast in altitude.  After a little reading, I discovered the tracking ratio was set to 3.0 where it should be tracking at 1.0.  After I adjusted that, it tracks just fine.

U2K First Light

First light with the U2K

The corrector plate needed a little cleaning and the secondary mirror assembly was loose in the corrector plate.  So I found some instructions on removing the corrector plate.  I plan to take some more pictures of the dis-assembly process and post them here.

Cleaned corrector plate

Cleaned corrector plate.

I got the secondary mirror assembly tightened up a little, but it still has a tenancies to turn a little.  I will have to work on that.  I also collimated the secondary mirror and the images in the eyepiece are great!

I planned to get back into imaging again but this time, I plan to use the Hyperstar system from Starizona and an Atik 420 One Shot Color camera.

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